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“I grew up around business in the local area and ever since I can remember my mom dedicated a large part of marketing budget to radio, and now we are doing the same.  We are very fortunate to meet many of our customers face-to-face, and everywhere we go they know our commercials. We would like to thank Wendy at Bi-Coastal Media for being very attentive to the needs of our business, and helping us gain the most possible success through our radio advertising.”
The Marcotte Family, Marcotte Distilling Company

“Radio has been an integral part of my marketing plans for 3 years. I’ve found that the radio audience from our Mid Valley stations is loyal and willing to engage with my business when I’ve communicated with them thru radio advertising.  For example we received triple the amount of calls from homeowners wanting to paint their houses this summer compared to the last two years. We had to hire 5 new employees! Radio is the best way to link all our advertising efforts together into one cohesive campaign making it effective and maximizing our money.”
Laura Ellis, Quality Painting of Oregon

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We have 2 Radio Auctions each year.  If you are interested in trading your products or services for effective radio advertising please contact us and we’d be happy to get your business involved in our next radio auction!